Welcome at Che's Luna (by Martin Junker)

..we are ALIVE. Some months after Telekom deleted this site, which was read in 80 countries, we are back !  I lost most of the former content, for my backups were stolen also. Now I will restore the site step by step.


The content will be 


ICT (Information and Communication Technology)



Events with substancy (I know the other spelling) at locations with character in an Open Society !

About me: I am   Martin Junker from Cologne, Germany - also Luna Qara, both are in Facebook and killed in Xing and LinkedIn.       Censorship from these asocial networks

..my introduction for a little smile..




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Bei uns gibt es immer was zum Hören, Sehen und Mitmachen: Wir laden regelmäßig interessante Künstler aus Musik, Kunst und Kultur ein und bieten ein breites Angebot an interessanten Veranstaltungen und Partys.

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